About us

JL Soft is software development and actuarial consulting company. It has been founded in the year 2003.
Its main objective is a development and distribution of actuarial system Sophas which has become the one of the most useful actuarial tool.
We have had many customers who are state entities as well as private companies who have chosen Sophas or our actuarial services (see our references).

JL Soft is the developer of actuarial system Sophas which is especially prepared for easy creation and fast running cash flow models, mainly in insurance companies.
JL Soft also offers comprehensive training and consulting services to teach professionals in all fields how to apply not just the software but also the models of the company´s products. JL Soft offers custom onsite training as well as web-based training.

JL Soft´s mission is to help actuarial in their work, to make their work more efficient and to save their time through the easy-to-use software with an outstanding value for money which suits to companies needs.

JL Soft´s vision is to become the supplier of the most widely used, innovative and comprehensive actuarial software in the applied actuarial area.

Next steps

  JL Soft
  • Masarykovo náměstí 1544
  • 530 02 Pardubice
  • Czech Republic
  • phone: +420 604 294 866
  • email: info@sophas.eu

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