Sophas 3.0 Extended version released

Starting May 2015, the Sophas 3.0 is available in extended version.
We introduced a lot of new functionalities which mostly improve the system handling and its flexibility. Although the extended version was primarily intended for more experienced users, everyone (even the less experienced users) will find the very useful improvements that will help in your everyday work.

This short memo presents main updates included in the Sophas 3.0 extended compared to the Sophas 3.0 standard.

Functionalities even for less experienced users:

  • Comparison between projects with parameters setting is available.
  • The functionality to save and load setting of displaying and saving of variables is introduced.
  • A lot of new functionalities in relation to writing the variable code are added such as searching in the variable code, adding bookmarks and jumping in the code, possibility to show information about used variable, variable name completion proposal and other.
  • It is possible to select list mode or tree mode in the list of projects.
  • It is possible to skip to certain row in the list of variables.
  • It is allowed to save cumulated data output files into special directory.
  • It is possible to enter description of every run.
  • The functionality to save and check detailed control data for created output files is available.
  • When copying any project, it is possible to copy all used tables directly into new project.
  • It is possible to print calculation code of variables entered by user defined code.
  • Fast searching of variables is available in the project configuration part, both from the actual list of variables or among all of them.
  • When saving results as CSV data file in the demonstrative mode, it is possible to choose data separator and to select area to be saved.
  • The option to set alignment for every column when running in the demonstrative mode is added.
  • In the demonstrative mode it is possible to save results as *.htm and set used attributes.

Functionalities mainly for more experienced users:

  • Using of compiler directives in the variable code is implemented.
  • Own setting of code editor is allowed.
  • It is possible to define code templates and use them easily during editing of the variable code.
  • The option whether to include or not the variables without successors when compiling the project is added (useful when debugging the project, in the default setting the project is optimised when compiling and variables without successors and without request to be displayed or saved are not included into generated code).
  • It is possible to use other units of currently selected compiler or to use special units created by user or by someone else.
  • In specific parts of Sophas it is possible to work with more screens of one object (similar to MDI interface, e.g. display tables, view compare project results).

We will be happy to discuss all the improvements and their practical applications personally.

If you are interested, contact us at

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