Benefits of Sophas

System Sophas has brought many benefits for you, the following features are considered as the most crucial:

  • Simplicity – Do not lose your time!
    • Actuary is familiar with the system very fast
    • Working with the system is easy
  • Well-structured models – See all in one place!
    When preparing actuarial models in system Sophas you have a very good view about all variables, e.g.
    • You see the most important information in one area
    • You group variables into logical parts
    • You see predecessors and successors of all variables including their code
  • Versatility – Make your work efficient!
    All formulas are possible to define exactly by the specific requirement of the actuary. Therefore, wide range of actuarial models (financial products) can be processed.
  • Maximum calculation speed – Save your time!
    System Sophas ideally uses the power of a computer. Calculation speed is then very high.

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