Tips & Tricks

1. Take care on definitions of used data types.
E.g. values of integer data type are in range <–2147483648, +2147483647>, so when the data can have higher values it is better to use real data type instead of integer.

2. Parametric tables must be in *.dbf format.
There are several possibilities how to get dbf table:
a) Create table in FoxPro or similar
b) Save data as *.csv and import them into dbf tables in the Sophas, part Utilities
c) Entering and editing of the table values is easier in spreadsheet (e.g. in MS Excel). It is possible to save individual sheets in the dbf format in Excel up to version 2003. In newer versions you can use some of convertors available, e.g. DBF Convertor designed by Tools4F

3. One of the most time consuming operations is searching in Parametric tables.
That is why the number of search operations should be minimized. For example, it might be sufficient – in a monthly model – to search for some table values once a year only (most often at the beginning of the simulated year), and not in each month. For example, mortality rates from mortality tables, etc.

4. Variable is displayed as invalid.
Use the following procedure:

  • save the project using « Save changes » button,
  • select « Links check ».

If the variable flag does not change, continue:

  • select « Codes check »,
  • save the project using « Save changes » button,
  • select « Links check ».

If this does not help either, it is necessary to open the particular variable and verify the method of its entry.

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